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About the books

Steve uses many types of wood for his books, ranging from driftwood cast up on the rocks and other salvaged timber to more exotic-looking hardwoods and softwoods such as yew, spalted beech, cherry, burr elm and many more.

Many of the books have ammonites or pieces of Whitby jet inlaid into their front covers, both of which are to be found in the sea-cliffs of the locality. He uses ammonites in both their natural state and also cut and polished to reveal the beautiful pattern made by their internal structure.

The paper used in the books is a heavy acid-free cartridge paper. The photograph albums use a still heavier paper and are "guarded", which means that every other page has been removed; this allows for the thickness of the photographs. Spray mounting photos in the albums is the recommended method of fixing them.

Steve takes commissions for any reasonable size of book or album, so if you can't find just what you want contact him to discuss what you would like.

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Animated ammonite
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Animated ammonite
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